breakfast, lunch, and what i had for a snack…i forgot to take a picture of what i had for dinner…it was egg salad incase anyone was wondering. 

in all honesty i didn’t/ haven’t been doing so well. i know i am eating way more calories than i should be if i want to loose weight. i keep reaching for small bites of high calorie things like cheeses, and chips. i want to eat cleaner and jest less over all. i know how to eat healthy but I’m having trouble rebuilding/ maintaing good habits :/ i will try to be better tomorrow. 

oh i also worked out for a half hour going for a bike ride…i used to be able to do an hour. I’m feeling really down now… i want ice cream but i am determined to resist! i think i will jump on the elliptical machine and then shower before bed:) tomorrow will be better. 

July 2, 2012
update  weighloss  diet  exercise  food  healthy  salad  fruit